jeudi 1 décembre 2016

My favorite type of music is old french songs . I listen to it when I need to think  or to relax . Lately , I have been very tired with school so when I go home or when I am on the way home I take my earphones and listen to it  .  The best assets of the old french music is that the lyrics is very poetic and speak about life. Most of the time , the singers dont really sings , they just talk but in the chorus they start singing . But I listen to it just during the week . Friday night and the week ends I usually listen to r&b because in that moment i'm just on the mood to have some fun and just listen to up beat music . I usually listen to the music that matches the mood that I'm in. If I feel energetic or satisfacted by life I will listen to r&b and rap. If I feel calm, sad, or stressed I will listen to old french music. So I think that music is just an extension of a person's emotions. My favorite singer is Joe Dassin for old french song and my favorite song is one of his song named " et si tu n'existais pas " . Its a love song , here is the link  :  ( . And finally my favorite singer in r&b  is drake , he is just awesoooooome. I'm planning to go to his show if he comes to the capital rabat . My favorite r&b song is one of his songs and its name is " fake love'' . My favorite rapper is Futur , he is amaaaziiing and handsome . One of my biggest dream is to watch him preform . So i hope that you enjoyed reading this and if you have any suggestions or something to say just do it .