dimanche 12 février 2017

Hello , my favourite to show is the 100. These people live in space because there is radiation on earth. The oxygen in the arch is about to run out so they have to move to earth. In order for them to know earth is safe the send 100 prisoners. Most of these prisoners are teenagers. When they land on earth they lost all connection to the arch. They had to find out how to love there and little did they know there were already petiole on earth known as the grounders. So not only they had to learn how to live alone they had to learn how to get peace. I love this fb show because it is filled with actions. It's a bunch of teenager trying to work together despite all the arguments and tension.

jeudi 1 décembre 2016

My favorite type of music is old french songs . I listen to it when I need to think  or to relax . Lately , I have been very tired with school so when I go home or when I am on the way home I take my earphones and listen to it  .  The best assets of the old french music is that the lyrics is very poetic and speak about life. Most of the time , the singers dont really sings , they just talk but in the chorus they start singing . But I listen to it just during the week . Friday night and the week ends I usually listen to r&b because in that moment i'm just on the mood to have some fun and just listen to up beat music . I usually listen to the music that matches the mood that I'm in. If I feel energetic or satisfacted by life I will listen to r&b and rap. If I feel calm, sad, or stressed I will listen to old french music. So I think that music is just an extension of a person's emotions. My favorite singer is Joe Dassin for old french song and my favorite song is one of his song named " et si tu n'existais pas " . Its a love song , here is the link  :  (http://lyricstranslate.com/fr/et-si-tu-n039existais-pas-and-if-you-didnt-exist.html-1) . And finally my favorite singer in r&b  is drake , he is just awesoooooome. I'm planning to go to his show if he comes to the capital rabat . My favorite r&b song is one of his songs and its name is " fake love'' . My favorite rapper is Futur , he is amaaaziiing and handsome . One of my biggest dream is to watch him preform . So i hope that you enjoyed reading this and if you have any suggestions or something to say just do it .

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Hello , my name is Malak that's mean angel in arabic and i'm morrocan and dutch girl . I live in tangier , a beautiful city in northern Morocco near spain . I study in 'Groupe scolaire le detroit and i'm 15 years old . So today i'm going to talk to you about the things that i love and hate about my country . Let's start by the positive . What i prefer about my contry is the culture . Moroccan culture is an amazing culture and has many interesting aspects to it. My favorite part about the Moroccan culture are the weddings. Moroccan wedding are usually very big. It's the time of the year when all the family comes together and get to celebrate. Usually weddings are separated into 3 day.One the first day the bride takes her friends with her to the Turkish bath. Later on that day all the ladies in the family gather in the brides house and they do henna. They dance and laugh and it's just a day all the ladies come together and enjoy their time. The next day is the wedding of course. Everyone gets together and they dance all night long. Most Moroccan weddings end until 5 or 6 in the morning some even later. After the wedding is over, the bride and groom get into the car and everyone celebrates by following the brides car and using their honks to make sort of a melody with it. Although most part of the Moroccan culture is great there is also a negative side. Some of the regions of Moroccan still think in a very old fashion way. One example is there is still a problem about equality between women and men. Not in all cities but in small region around Morocco that aren't completely developed yet. The way they raise their sons is different from the way they raise their daughters. They raise their daughters to get married and their sons to work for the family. They raise their daughter to be sacred and they raise their sons to thinking they can do anything they want. There are still some issues like that and I am completely against it. Overall Moroccan culture is beautiful there is a lot of history behind it and so much to learn. I hope that i helped you to more understand my culture and if you guys have some questions or suggestions say it .